About us


PSI OOD-GROUP Ltd, Kazanlak is a successor of DSO Peshtostroene i izolacii-Sofia and was established in 1992. It is a company specialized in the following jobs:


  • Refractory acid-resistant and insulation masonry
  • Refractory and insulation concretes
  • Water insulations
  • Metal cladding
  • Heat and cold insulations
  • Sheet metal parts for construction
  • Sheet cladding
  • Ventilation systems


PSI OOD-GROUP Ltd is a 100 percent private company and being a successor of a state-owned company it has kept the best workers, experts and managers that used to work for the latter by simply employing them to work for the company. So, in late 1992 PSI OOD-GROUP Ltd started making insulations as a private company in free market environment.

Aimed at meeting the highest quality standards in its performance, the company created its own production facilities and provided them with all necessary tools and equipment required for performing its main activities.

At present PSI OOD-GROUP Ltd , Kazanlak owns the following facilities:


  • An office building and a production facility in Kazanlak
  • An office building and a production facility in Veliko Tarnovo
  • An accommodation facility and a workshop in Zlatitsa


The company management, workers and specialists boasting long years of experience show high quality performance of their tasks at all times. All company employees have passed appropriate qualification courses and are holders of Health and Safety certificates.

They pass regular refresher courses and instructions as required by regulations related to power generation.

In the recent years the company performed has been mostly involved in doing maintenance and repair jobs such as furnace construction, insulations, sheet metal liners needed for scheduled maintenance, outages and overhauls of production facilities for the following companies:


  • "Arsenal" AD Kazanlak
  • "Katex" AD Kazanlak
  • "District Heating Company" EAD Kazanlak
  • "Kazanlak Municipality"
  • "Lessoplast" AD Troyan
  • "Neochim" AD Dimitrovgrad
  • "Bulgarian rose Sevtopolis "AD Kazanlak
  • "Bright Dawn Trade" OOD Stara Zagora
  • "Deborah " AD Dabovo
  • "Bioland" AD Plovdiv
  • "Unipack" AD Pavlikeni
  • "Sugar factories "Gorna Oryahovitsa"
  • "Pobeda" OOD Veliko Tarnovo
  • "Ideal Standard" AD Sevlievo
  • "Woodworking" AD Veliko Tarnovo
  • "Velikotarnovsko Pivo" AD Veliko Tarnovo
  • "District Heating Company-VT" EAD Veliko Tarnovo
  • "Enemona" AD Kozloduy
  • "Montazhi" AD Sofia


PSI OOD GROUP Ltd Kazanlak, with its production, financial and staff capacities, can meet any contractual obligations with regard to quality and deadlines.